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Anatomic basis of tumor surgery

Dr Ahmed Ali
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Membre actif

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Anatomic basis of tumor surgery

Message par Dr Ahmed Ali le Ven 07 Juin 2013, 13:17

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The old saying that “the best anatomist makes the best surgeon” is but a variation on the venerable saw that “you have to know the territory.” Neoplastic disease has no respect for anatomical boundaries, making detailed familiarity with anatomy that
exists beyond the margins of a standard surgical method a great facilitator for many surgical procedures. The biology of cancer and knowledge of all modalities appropriate for its management continues to defi ne new approaches to both common and rare cancers.We are pleased to present this update of Anatomic Basis of Tumor Surgery, the 2nd edition of the book that interweaves the form of an atlas, the shape of an anatomy text, and a pervasive understanding of multimodality therapy in light of the expanding
knowledge of oncologic biology. In addition to welcoming many new authors to this edition, Charles Staley has joined us as an editor. We also honor John Skandalakis for holding aloft the torch of surgical anatomy with so many contributions over the nearly ninety years of his life.

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