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Message par drkovaco le Jeu 12 Avr 2012, 17:06

Preface to the Twelfth Edition
The 11
th edition marked the end of an era. Professor
Dame Sheila Sherlock died in December 2001, having a
month before seen and enjoyed an advanced copy of her
latest textbook. Her journey in Hepatology began in the
1940s, and she was instrumental in its development and
recognition as a major specialty. In 1955 she published
the fi rst edition of what was to become a classic textbook.
Single handed she updated the script on a regular
basis and it became an infl uential instrument for the
development of Hepatology. There were many translations
of the editions over subsequent 50 years.
Recognising the growth and complexity of the subject,
she involved a co - author from 1993. Many attribute
their career in liver disease to reading and enjoying her
approach to Hepatology through her book.
The question of a 12
th edition was raised on several
occasions over the subsequent years. Although some
wondered whether it should cease with her passing,
many others constantly asked when the next edition
would be — a refl ection of the special content, presentation
and readability — an accessible source to relevant
information for student to specialist physician.
Continuing a two author book was not thought practicable.
The growth of Hepatology as a speciality
demanded a greater pool of expertise, in viral, immune
and genetic diseases, as well as the management of the
complications of acute and chronic liver disease, and of
course, liver transplantation.
Dame Sheila always promoted the internationalism of
Hepatology and therefore it was a short step to draw
together editors and contributors from the UK, Europe
and North America. The challenge — apart from updating
the previous edition with pertinent data — was to
keep the ethos of the book. The style of English, the
lay out of text and the clarity of fi gures and tables
were hallmarks. With this in mind contributors were
approached with expertise in particular areas; most had
trained or worked with Dame Sheila. It is a tribute to
her infl uence that the resultant text comes from such an
international community, many of whom had close links
with her.
Apart from updating the previous chapters, there
have been other changes. New chapters have been commissioned
including those on fi brogenesis, non alcoholic
fatty liver disease, HIV and the liver, and
transplantation in patients with hepatitis B, C or HIV
infection. Some previous chapters, which have stood the
test of time on their own, have been removed or combined
with others. Thus Budd Chiari syndrome joins the
portal hypertension chapter, and biliary imaging that on
gallstones and benign bile duct diseases.
The 12
th edition contains more than 2240 new references
and over 130 new fi gures. Each chapter begins
with learning points. The previous artwork has been
reformatted, alongside the new fi gures and tables. As
before the book is intended for a wide readership across
students, trainees, general and specialist physicians.
We are most grateful to the production team at Wiley
Blackwell, in particular Rebecca Huxley (whose 3rd
edition this is). Anne Bassett and Annette Abel have
enthusiastically taken on the challenge of collecting
manuscripts and proofs and chasing the large number
of contributors, working beyond the call of duty to
produce the book rapidly. We are grateful to Jane Fallows
for the new artwork and reworking of the old. As before
the publishers have allowed the latest important publications
to be included at the proofi ng stage.
We dedicate this edition to the memory of Sheila
Sherlock and to Geraint James, her husband of 50 years
who died in October 2010. He knew of the development
of the new edition and took pleasure in its anticipation.
We hope that their two daughters, Amanda and Auriole,
always referenced in previous prefaces with their life
stories, will take pleasure from seeing the legacy of their
mother ’ s exceptional life preserved in this textbook.
The science and practice of Hepatology continue to
move on at breathtaking speed. This progress is refl ected
in the 12
th edition of Sherlock ’ s Diseases of the Liver and
Biliary System
, in a manner which we hope will continue
to enthuse its readers.
James S. Dooley
Anna S.F. Lok
Andrew K. Burroughs
E. Jenny Heathcote
March 2011

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Membre hyper-actif

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Message par ELKHALFI MOHAMMED le Sam 14 Avr 2012, 02:01

Merci infiniment pour le partage.

    La date/heure actuelle est Lun 26 Juin 2017, 16:34